Day 18 of National Poetry Month: This is in response to a haiku prompt from NaHaiWriMo for April 18th. The prompt is “fire.”

after the fire

boarded-up windows

echoes of children

My neighbors had a fire awhile back, and it took over a year to rebuild the interior of the damaged brick house. The windows were boarded all that time. Apparently, this was a “come hither” signal to thieves, who removed copper pipes and caused more water damage to the refinished basement.  After all this time it’s nice, finally, to hear the giggles and shouts of children again. 


It’s day eight of National Poetry Month. Today, I’m switching things up and selecting a prompt from the Facebook page of NaHaiWriMo, an international haiku-writing community. The theme of the day is “abandoned.”

mourning dove flies south
for her vacation
her mate left to guard the nest

I’ve written about mourning doves in this blog before. As far as I can tell, the male mourning dove has all of the traits I would want in a mate. He courts with vigor, is monogamous, brave, strong, willing to share domestic duties and–this is very important to me–sings often to his mate.

Unhappy Earth Day

This is in response to the NaHaiWriMo prompt, “prophetic.”

Photo by Igor Mojzes -

Photo by Igor Mojzes –

 For information about the dwindling population of pollinators such as butterflies and bees:


Things that Go Bump in the Night

The National Haiku Writing Month theme of the day is “bump.”

What things go bump in the night in your house?


staccato sounds

of percussion at midnight

music of an old house


old bones creak

old house moans

old woman sighs


National Haiku Writing Month

February is National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo). If you’re interested in writing (or reading) haiku, the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page provides daily prompts here.  You might also be interested in the article, “Becoming a Haiku Poet,” which offers useful insights for both novice and experienced writers.

The February 4th prompt is “black.”

Feb 4 ink splotch

Staring into the Polar Vortex

For all of you who have been brutally sucked into the polar vortex, I wish you warmth. Soon. Very soon. Meanwhile, I hope that this trio of haiku will resonate with you as you fight the cold and snow.


waiting out the snow — silent songbird


home and hearth

well guarded

fortress of ice


cold sky

silver mist

over an empty heart



Today’s haiku prompt from NaHaiWriMo is “wing.”

It brings to mind the peaceful times spent listening to the lapping of the water and the honking of the gulls on the bay in Sausalito.

Against the rhythmic, loud chatter of the gulls, even the most animated human conversation seems diminished–petty. I wonder which species is really smarter and, what is perhaps the same question, which of us has greater capacity to be content, to enjoy life as it is?

seagull effects haiga2


Today’s haiku prompt from NaHaiWriMo is “yawn.”

The photo reminds me of my late, great friend Tasha, who worked hard all day looking out the window, eating, sleeping, digging up houseplants, climbing houseplants, unrolling toilet paper and chasing her mate, Inky (yes, he was a black cat and we weren’t feeling very creative the day he was born). It didn’t take her long to unwind after a hard day (or slightly difficult few minutes) of activity.

kittens_yawning_15 haiga2


See more excruciatingly cute kittens at