Poetweet–NaPoWriMo Day 20

Last week, when I was doing taxes and writing haiku, I missed a fun challenge to write a “found poem” using snippets of text from social media. So I searched Twitter for the word, “healing,” which is my theme for the month. I’ve selected some interesting excerpts and paired them together….Enjoy!


The skies are crumbling

Repent, and keep on trying


Posting your stupid thoughts online

Healed by wordiness


Shift in perception

To recognize one’s own insanity


Putting pieces back together

Running out of time


Ppl have this very erred notion that all trauma is ultimately fixable

How do you explain these decisions by anything but a head injury?


NaPoWriMo 12 – Happiness is….

The National Poetry Writing Month challenge today is to write a “replacement” poem. A replacement poem has elements of a “found poem,” but uses more of the poet’s own words.

We were asked to select a noun representing a tangible item (in my case, I chose “ecosystem”). Then, using found text, replace that word with one representing an intangible quality. I used the Wikipedia entry for “ecosystem,” selected five specific sentences, and replaced “ecosystem” with “happiness.” Then I built the poem around those five statements (five stanzas). I included a few other found phrases from the Wikipedia article as appropriate. I hope you find it meaningful.


Happiness is a community…

we move as many

within the one

undulating, traveling a loop

creating energy

releasing it back to the group


The energy that flows through happiness…

rays of the sun

travel great distances

to nourish and delight

creating love

at the speed of light


Happiness is controlled…

by external events

by internal resources

by the passions of two

creating hope

for me and you


Happiness is subject to periodic disturbances…

shooting stars of fallen dreams

black holes of despair

darkening the skies

creating doubt

with wretched lies


Humans exist and operate within happiness…

a diverse world of wonder

in a constant state of flux

amidst the worst adversity

creating life

requiring faith in you, in me




Campaign Breakfast Menu [FGC #23]

Chinese breakfast
asian rice porridge/poached egg/pickled bok choy

 election-year conversion on China

                               disappointments and broken promises

 mysterious entity. ownership stake. Chinese firm

banked on American firms outsourcing

steel-cut Irish oatmeal
blueberries/honey/toasted walnuts

“just being governor of Massachusetts,

which is almost a part of Ireland”

along with Ireland, funds

                              in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Switzerland

lobster benedict
poached egg / havarti / english muffin/saffron hollandaise

lobstermen have taken to the street

U.S.-Canada. crustacean calamity

                overfishing. global warming. population crash

lobster war reaches boiling point

26th street
two eggs/tortilla/avocado/Chihuahua cheese/pinto beans/jalapeño

 born in Chihuahua, Mexico

          fled the Mexican war

 “we have to make sure

that we enforce our borders”

chicken & waffles
crispy fried chicken/orange maple honey glaze

silence on Chick-Fil-A

                              biblical definition of the family unit

important issue reduced

                               to high-calorie takeout


buttermilk pancakes
Thai blueberry/basil compote

 evacuees sleep next to each other on blue mats

            float miraculously on the lapping water

one third of the country. swamped by floods

 Ryan budget plan. cut $5 billion in international aid

brioche french toast
bananas /peanut butter/nutella/bourbon whipped cream

 30 month mission. go to Bordeaux and say,

“Give up your wine! I’ve got a great religion for you!”

 a mix between monastic life, a fraternity pledge

and pest-control salesmanship


workout recovery
banana/peanut butter/organic honey/whey protein

 feeling the weight. muscle confusion

congressional abs for sex appeal?

 nothing against rock hard abs

plan to get those after I learn Spanish

açai / pomegranate / blueberry

 mercury. air toxins. environmental crusade

 to take the jobs of coal miners

 2003: coal-fired power plant “kills people.”

2012: grab the pro-coal mantle

carrot juice/asian pear/ginger

 orgy of pure distortion

leaving nothing behind

but the clean campaign

 we all deserve