For NaPoWriMo Day 25 (yes, I am running behind!) we are challenged to take a line from an existing poem and use it as our first line. But…we must take the poem in a completely different direction than the original.

I took the first line from “The Fall of Rome” by W. H. Auden, “The piers are pummeled by the waves.” Auden’s poem offers a dark view of the state of civilization. While I do not disagree with his assessment, my poem takes inspiration from a restaurant in Sausalito.  From that perspective,  life was joyous, not despairing, and the view from the piers was quite sunny!


the piers are pummeled by the waves

each hard, rhythmic slap

in time with the beat of jazz

the miles of blue I hear

and see before me

gulls dip and dive for bread

honking thanks as they take wing

sailboats glide

laughing and waving

sun cuts through the fog

sparkles off our glasses

bread, brie, fruit, wine

all these are ours

and the ocean, too

for one long day

life is good




Today’s haiku prompt from NaHaiWriMo is “wing.”

It brings to mind the peaceful times spent listening to the lapping of the water and the honking of the gulls on the bay in Sausalito.

Against the rhythmic, loud chatter of the gulls, even the most animated human conversation seems diminished–petty. I wonder which species is really smarter and, what is perhaps the same question, which of us has greater capacity to be content, to enjoy life as it is?

seagull effects haiga2