Rumors of War

This haiku (or is it a senryu?) is a response to a poetry prompt on Twitter, but more importantly it is a response to a distressing news report of the brutalization and humiliation of non-Russians in Crimea.

rumors of war
masked mercenaries
sadists, still unwitting pawns
Please continue to pray for peace in the Ukraine.

Inside or Out?

This is based on a #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to write a haiku containing the word, “morning.”

Bush with pink roses and green leafes

Change creeps up on us. At some point, we wake to find ourselves on an entirely different path than the one we chose. Perhaps it’s due to our abundant success. Perhaps due to our abysmal failure. Perhaps due to an accident or illness.  Stuff happens. Life happens.

We should be able to look ahead with joy to the future that presents itself to us, no matter how unexpected. But I have to admit, I often find myself mourning that which has been lost.


Shrinking Habitat

This is in response to a recent #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to compose a haiku containing the word, “attempt.”

My geology professor always said, “When the oceans die, so will we.”

When I went to college, way back in the dark ages when hippies roamed the earth, we weren’t aware of the imminence or importance of global warming.

I think if he were still teaching today, he might say, “When the polar ice cap melts, so will we.”

Atlantic ocean iceberg


National Haiku Writing Month continues, and I am writing 28 haiku in 28 days, based on various internet poetry challenges and prompts. This one was written in response to a recent #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to write a haiku including the word, “staple.”

Piano keyboard


February is National Haiku Writing Month, and I am attempting to write 28 haiku in 28 days, based on various internet-based writing prompts. The #haikuchallenge, posted  on Twitter by @baffled, is to write a haiku containing the word, “nature.”

Trees covered with snow


The seasons renew and push us forward, whether we are ready or not.

haiga-wren-jonny-andrew65-flickr copy

Below, the wren demonstrates its coloratura soprano talents!


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Today’s #haikuchallenge from @baffled is the word “trend.” This word, in its form as a verb, has taken on a new meaning in the age of Twitter, and I thought I would make use of that in the poem.

Moon from T-Site
The poem celebrates the onset of the months-long Antarctic night, which coincides with the anniversary of my blog. Over the past year, I have been blessed with readers from 69 countries and 6 of the 7 continents–all except Antarctica.  Antarctica is populated primarily by busy research scientists, tourists temporarily disembarked from cruise ships, documentary film crews and various species of penguins and other unique wildlife, so it is not surprising that the blog has not captured readership there. Maybe next year….

One of the great and unique things about Antarctica is that so many countries have agreed to leave it alone! We agree we won’t try to claim it, nor will we fight over it, drill it for oil, or do anything else to it other than study and protect it. Of course, the only reason the concept works–the only reason we all abide by the treaty and keep our grubby mitts to ourselves–is that it is too frigid for oil or mineral exploitation to be profitable. Nevertheless, it is an elegant concept, and peace is real on the continent of Antarctica.

In honor of its frozen and peaceable beauty, I offer this poem:

inching toward austral winter

the long night comes

trending darkness


The stunning photos in today’s blog post are by Kenneth Klassy and Blueicelake.  As always, you can see the individual photo credits when you hover your mouse over the respective photos.