“TwitFic” refers to “very short stories” (#vss) of 140 characters or less.  I enjoy tweeting #vss as @yearningangel. A number of my little stories have been featured in online publications.

I have a recurring character, a nameless, sociopathic hitwoman who has appeared in some of these stories.  I tried to have her retire and move gracefully into her golden years, but she seems to have returned of her own volition. Maybe she will retire next year….

Click on a story title or story collection below, and enjoy!

Very Short Stories – Social Media Week

Development of a Hitwoman in 140 Characters or Less

Seedpod Stories May 2012

Seven by Twenty Stories

OneFortyFiction stories:


A Childhood in Haiti


Bad Trip

Hide and Seek


Love Songs



Cheat, Pray, Love

trapeze magazine stories:

Alien Occupation – May 29

Human Occupation – May 30

Long Trip – July 11, 2012

Time Traveler – July 13, 2012

Snow? – December 30, 2012

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