NaHaiWriMo – Day 1

National Haiku Writing Month starts today! What better reason to end my long hiatus from blogging?

If you love haiku, haiga, senryu and haibun…or you just love watching some poor sap like me struggle to come up with a tiny idea from her feeble brain once a day, then I hope you will join me for an interesting month of poetry.

I plan to write at least one poem per day, sometimes using prompts from Facebook or Twitter. The Facebook page for NaHaiWriMo has lots of visitor posts, so feel free to read along or post your own.

Today’s prompt: hand

Piano keyboard



Inside or Out?

This is based on a #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to write a haiku containing the word, “morning.”

Bush with pink roses and green leafes

Change creeps up on us. At some point, we wake to find ourselves on an entirely different path than the one we chose. Perhaps it’s due to our abundant success. Perhaps due to our abysmal failure. Perhaps due to an accident or illness.  Stuff happens. Life happens.

We should be able to look ahead with joy to the future that presents itself to us, no matter how unexpected. But I have to admit, I often find myself mourning that which has been lost.


Toxic Braids

The NaHaiWriMo theme for February 25 is “braid.”

Global Pollution


There is a huge vortex of garbage in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii. Really huge. Bigger than the state of Texas.

It is a tangled mass of mostly plastic, but living things also get caught in it. What is even more damaging to ocean wildlife is that the plastic disintegrates into tiny particles over time. To the fish, these particles look like food. No one yet knows the full toxic effects of this man-made mess. Scientists and engineers are working on possible methods of clean-up, but capturing the disintegrated plastic that falls below the surface is problematic (an understatement).

Some plastics leach carcinogens into the ocean, as well as toxic chemicals that inhibit wildlife reproduction. We are making a kind of toxic slop in the ocean, which likely affects our own food supply.

If you would like more information about this issue, check out these articles. And thank you for recycling!

National Geographic – Pacific Garbage Patch

Giant Ocean-Trash Vortex Attracts Explorers

National Geographic – Plastic Breaks Down in the Ocean, After All–and Fast

Wikipedia – Great Pacific Garbage Patch



The NaHaiWriMo theme of the day is “beehive.”

All over the world, masses of honeybees have been disappearing due to a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Unfortunately for us humans–and for our livestock, pets, flora and fauna–honeybees are essential to the pollination of many crops. Our health is intertwined with that of the bee.

According to a recent U.S. News blog post, colonies that are stressed due to the ingestion of fungicides are not able to fend off pathogens. They are more likely to fall victim to viruses–plant viruses that are able to spread to the bee population. This is just one of many suspected interrelated causes of CCD.

The beehive has never been more important than it is today. I’m not sure I can write a haiku that will do it justice, but here is my attempt:

bee on lavendar

Disclaimer: No bees were harmed in the creation of this haiga!


To read more about CCD, check out these articles:

Colony Collapse Disorder – Wikipedia

U.S. News blog post – Another Answer to Why the Bees Are Dying


The gorgeous photo is by Tom Tolkien, one of my favorite photographers.

Check out his photostream on Flickr or follow his blog here.


Shrinking Habitat

This is in response to a recent #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to compose a haiku containing the word, “attempt.”

My geology professor always said, “When the oceans die, so will we.”

When I went to college, way back in the dark ages when hippies roamed the earth, we weren’t aware of the imminence or importance of global warming.

I think if he were still teaching today, he might say, “When the polar ice cap melts, so will we.”

Atlantic ocean iceberg


National Haiku Writing Month continues, and I am writing 28 haiku in 28 days, based on various internet poetry challenges and prompts. This one was written in response to a recent #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to write a haiku including the word, “staple.”

Piano keyboard