Rumors of War

This haiku (or is it a senryu?) is a response to a poetry prompt on Twitter, but more importantly it is a response to a distressing news report of the brutalization and humiliation of non-Russians in Crimea.

rumors of war
masked mercenaries
sadists, still unwitting pawns
Please continue to pray for peace in the Ukraine.

A Valentine

This is a valentine for the Euromaidan protesters, who are advocating for independence and self-determination as they suffer from frigid weather and  a repressive government. It is for the fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, workers and retirees, teachers and students, artists and musicians, and the clergy who are ministering to them amidst the cold and violence.

keeping vigil
winter’s night

fires blaze
winter’s fight

prayers raised
winter’s light

For an interesting but painful summary of recent developments, including photos of both the beauty and the violence, you may wish to read this Agence France Presse blog post by Stuart Williams, entitled “Fire, ice and blood on the streets of Kiev.”


National Poetry Month – Five for Five

The April 5th prompt from is to write a cinquain (a five line poem with specific syllable and stress requirements). Hence…five lines for the fifth day of the month.

I share this with, and for, my readers who live with pain every day, or who care for those who do.

I have chosen to accompany the poem with a haunting photograph of a misty Ukrainian forest in the enchantingly named Feofania, a park near Kiev.

Foggy wood


gray gloom

the fog of pain

envelops and befouls

dense air that brooks no movement from

the snare