NaPoWriMo Day 14: I am playing catch-up this weekend! This haiga is in response to a Twitter prompt posted by @MadQueenStorm. The prompt includes the phrase “searching for….”

Purple Angel


Welcome to National Poetry Writing Month, Day 2! Today we are challenged to “write” a family portrait, in any form of poetry. I chose to write several senryu and tell a story with words and pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Mother Daddy Rita and Me

cotton and chiffon
church suits
say cheese

Rita and Rob Red Sweaters

look ahead
three decades
joy that God has wrought

Jan Rob HB at wedding

a strong, gentle man
a smart, beautiful bride
a happy aunt!

Rob HB Avery at the beach

tiny blessing
huge delight
love beyond words

3 generations

three generations
love, loving, loved
a world full of joy

Weep Now – NaPoWriMo Day 8

Today’s prompt asks us to write a palinode, a poem in which the author retracts a statement made in a previous poem.

My previous poem was:

mourn not love’s passing

the winter of your heart

Only ensures spring

And here is my retraction:

weep now, mourn your loss

the winter of your heart

is a gateway to pain

Collected Twitter Verse

illustration by lineartestpilot - Fotolia.comHave you been following my Twitter feed? I frequently write micropoetry in response to various Twitter prompts, or in response to current events, politics, nature’s madness and/or my screwed up life.

Don’t follow my Twitter feed? No matter, I’ve collected the juicy bits of poetry and added them to my “Poetry Collections” page.

Today, I added my fall/winter collection, entitled Staring into the Polar Vortex. You can read or download it as a .pdf file for free. Click the link below, or visit my Poetry Collections page for more juicy goodness.

Of course, all work is copyrighted. Stealing it would be futile, anyway. I would be amazed if it generated any income whatsoever 🙂



Collected Twitter Verse, Vol. VIII: Staring into the Polar Vortex


Inside or Out?

This is based on a #haikuchallenge posted on Twitter by @baffled, to write a haiku containing the word, “morning.”

Bush with pink roses and green leafes

Change creeps up on us. At some point, we wake to find ourselves on an entirely different path than the one we chose. Perhaps it’s due to our abundant success. Perhaps due to our abysmal failure. Perhaps due to an accident or illness.  Stuff happens. Life happens.

We should be able to look ahead with joy to the future that presents itself to us, no matter how unexpected. But I have to admit, I often find myself mourning that which has been lost.



The National Haiku Writing Month theme of the day is “break.” I hope you also enjoy the amazing musical poem by Mark O’Connor that appears below my haiku. Happy Wednesday!

violinist - iclipart


heartstrings plucked
like a broken violin