Kip and Dredge Get Down with Science

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Many thanks to Erin Leary for this week’s photo.

This week my favorite slackers, Kip and Dredge, found some back issues of Science and Discover magazines while dumpster diving. Fortunately, there are lots of cool pictures in these publications, which helped the guys get through all the science-y stuff.

Photo Copyright: Erin Leary

Photo Copyright: Erin Leary

 Kip and Dredge Get Down with Science

 by Jan Brown

“Hey, Dredge! It says here they found a mushroom on Mars!”

“Read the article, dumbass. It’s just a rock.”

“Well, this other article says they found meth on Mars!”

“I think you mean methane.”

“They say it could have come from Martian bugs.”

“What kinda bugs are on Mars? I thought it was all frozen.”

“I dunno, but they must be HUGE. Look at the size of the hole they made!”

“That’s a crater, dumbass. Anyway, it’s not living things that make methane. It’s their poop.”

“Where do bugs poop?”

“On Mars, apparently.”



There has actually been a frivolous, but amusing, lawsuit filed against NASA for “covering up” the existence of the alleged mushroom. See the links below for more info about some of the Curiosity rover’s discoveries.

NASA Mystery Rock Lawsuit

Curiosity Detects Methane Spike




47 thoughts on “Kip and Dredge Get Down with Science

    • Yes, long may they dive! I wonder what they’ll be like as old men…two guys with white hair combed over their balding heads, searching the dumpster behind the nursing home….

  1. Meth on mars! Oh, no! I heard they now say that 1/5 the planet of Mars may have been covered with water. Just thought I’d throw out the science I’ve learned recently. 🙂 Very funny, Jan. Great, authentic dialogue.

    • Thanks, Amy!

      I wonder if, someday, our planet will be frozen and the people on Venus will send a rover to Earth, looking for signs of past life. I wonder how far down they’ll have to dig to piece together our crazy history, and what they’ll think when they find it….

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