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This week’s photo prompt is by Dee Lovering. Thank you, Dee!

Photo Copyright: Dee Lovering

Photo Copyright: Dee Lovering


by Jan Brown

The kids were so happy to be in Europe on “vacation.” The weather was mild, and they were enjoying the sights. I hadn’t told them about the virus. They’d heard rumors in school. Fathers sick and in hospital, families disappearing….

No one was prepared for a virus like this. Trendy zombie fiction hadn’t prepared us. The reality of Ebola hadn’t prepared us. When my husband got it, he went mad like all the rest. They annihilate their families, then go on to kill others.

It only affects males. I wonder if the world will be more peaceful, once they’re gone.


41 thoughts on “Virus

  1. I hope the kids are both girls then, or there might be some difficult decisions to make down the line. It’s an interesting concept this, Jan. Well done.

  2. “I wonder if the world will be more peaceful, once they’re gone.”

    You must be referring to families – not to men.After all, the men annihilate their families,
    and for good reason – it’s not just because of the virus. The virus just makes it more clear to the men what they need to do. Are you a member of a family?

    ha. ha. (Perry will be fine because he had a lobotomy)

    • Perhaps there will be a vaccine and cure before the younger generation is affected (assuming the virus only attacks post-adolescent males). Anyway, that would be my hope….

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Dawn!

    • I’m hoping that some brilliant team of scientists would invent a vaccine. Then perhaps they could protect the next generation–preventing pre-adolescent boys from contracting the virus when they become men. Too many possible outcomes to fit into 100 words….

  3. I’m all in favour of less men. Women have the power to make it happen. You could launch an international movement Jan.

  4. I’ve been accused of being crazy, but at least I’m violent. Perhaps because, like Perry, I’ve had a lobotomy and been neutered. I was told it was for my own protection, but who knows. I’ll believe just about anything.

  5. But, but… I LIKE men… just not the old (and young) dinosaur-geezers who are stuck with the old ways… We need to be on the alert… Luckily even the most virulent virus doesn’t kill its hosts 100%. There will be resistant boys. They will be cherished. If we do it right, they will be smart, considerate, and peaceful… (Love your take on the promt 🙂 )

  6. Dear Jan,

    The world will be a more peaceful place perhaps but did we keep a sperm bank? Can’t live with ’em…

    Imaginative story. I enjoyed reading the comments it inspired as well.



  7. Dear Jan, Very clever story – I love it! Good job Jan, I think Women would do a much better job with governing than men. We (women) would never send our babies off to war – we would find some other way to deal with a problem. Men do have too much testosterone and they need to take a chill pill to calm the heck down. Of course, I don’t mean my husband at all! he he Nan 🙂

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