NaPoWriMo 24 – The Ivy Wall


Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write about wall, a brick and mortar wall. I couldn’t make it that simple, of course….


Finestra naturale con fiori di petunie.


The Ivy Wall

by Jan Brown


after she left

he built a wall

a fearsome, formidable wall

forged from lies and deception

stacked on layers of doubt

until the wall was high enough

to stop the torrent of tears

and for years it held back

both sorrow and joy


but still he dealt with loneliness

the wall had blocked his view

of all things beautiful

including you

you chiseled out a peephole

through overgrown ivy

then a brick or two

an opening just large enough

for eyes to meet

for hands to touch

to greet the lips

to seal a kiss

to make you his


after you left

he carefully replaced each brick

each line of mortar too


not to let any real emotions in

the trowel is heavy

the mortar’s set

his arm is tired

and yet the tears seep through

till he’s awash in disappointment

and regret


the wall still rises to the heavens

once verdant ivy, long dead

does he still live behind it

obscured by fear and dread

or does he have a secret door

burst of sunshine

whiff of jasmine

lilt of music from above

touch of gentle hands

taste of cherry lips

and finally


fearless feel of love

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