This haiku/senryu was inspired by the May 17th #orjay prompt (“voice of the past”) posted on Twitter by @RJ_kumarkumar. Thank you, RJ, for prompting us to write tiny poems every day 🙂

microphone on the background of the empty hall


This was inspired in part by a recent writing prompt on Twitter (#orjay), provided by @RJ_kumarkumar. The prompt is the title of the poem.

The poem was also inspired by recurrent, pain-induced insomnia, and the question, “What the #*%$ can I listen to, read, pray, meditate, work on, ingest, or just DO, in order to get a little sleep?”

This was one answer.

Monterey Bay enhanced

Stranger Tides

salt water rushing over bare legs

familiar coastal sounds a lullaby

stranger tides

another ocean

would wake me too soon