Twelve Months

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is inspired by T.S. Eliot’s words from Wasteland: “April is the cruelest month.” We are asked to write about the month we hate the most!

But as I go through the months, particularly as they transpired in my life last year, I find that the most challenging months also have some endearing qualities. Not being able to pick a least favorite, or even a most favorite, I decided to write about all of them.


creamy white snow smothers
my colorful Christmas comforts

savoring winter solitude
but am I anyone’s Valentine?

spring begins amidst the snow
but it’s hard to tell

nature’s nascent growth
means wicked allergies

school ends and children play
with raucous abandon

Summer Solstice
declares victory

such irony, dammit
homebound on Independence Day

the happiest, sunniest month
spews the most miserable allergies

family birthdays
time to be thankful

precious great-niece arrives
God’s most amazing gift

friends remind me
I am not alone

God blessed us with a Savior
time to celebrate His love

NaPoWriMo 2 – It’s Not the Day

National Poetry Writing Month continues….

The second NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem based on a random quote from literature provided by The Bibliomancy Oracle.  The “oracle” provided me with the following gem:

it is a lack of faith makes the days

(those joyed and those


so very long and waiting.


from “Radio” by Stephanie Barber


As I thought about this quote, I had a very strong response. I realized that it’s not my faith that is lacking, and it’s not my days that are  “so very long and waiting.”


It’s Not the Day

by Jan Brown

it’s not the morning

that is agonizing

it’s not the noonday sun

that sears me

it’s not the rainy afternoon

nor the prescient dusk

not even the chilly evening

with frozen diet dinner and wine

it’s not the day

that steals my joy

it’s the night

the screaming night

it’s the pain

winding through the bedroom

like a hunger

seeking to be sated

it’s the heavy lidded eyes

not allowed to close

it’s the medicated brain

separated from its bliss

it’s not the day

that steals my joy

it’s the night

the too long night


April is also Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM). One of the things that can shorten a long night of sleeplessness and pain is the right music, and for me, that music is usually jazz. “Joy and Pain” is an upbeat song and one of my favorites–performed by Simply Red at the Montreux Jazz Festival.  There is also a quieter, instrumental version on the Smooth Jazz All Stars album that is perfect for bedtime 🙂