NaPoWrMo Day 24:  This draws inspiration from the prompt posted by @MadQueenStorm, “if we were symphonies.” 


if we were symphonies

I would play mine

and send it through the air

resonating through the trees

warbling from the throats of birds

echoing through the streets

bouncing off buildings

all the way to your house

when you hear it

would you think of me?


if we were symphonies

I would play yours

to keep me company

in the solitary dark

I would dance with your allegro

drink wine with your adagio

peal laughter to your scherzo

hug you to the rondo

would it resonate loudly

or fade into the space between us?



In the Warming House

ice skates iclipart

skates laced tight

clumsy ankles

turning inward

straining to fall


penetrates my legs

like shards of ice

in the freezing mist

I breathe the paralyzing cold

and gasp for air

failing to exhale


just one week later

I beg to go ice skating

remembering only

the glow of friendship

and steaming cocoa

in the warming house

cocoa iclipart