Time And Relative Dimensions In Space


This story is inspired by the prompt, “What Pegman Saw.”  Each week, Karen Rawson provides a location-based prompt from Google Maps™. The goal is to keep your story to 150 words or less. Prompts are posted on Pegman’s Blog Fridays at midnight CST.

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Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

by Jan Brown

There it was: the TARDIS! Michael had told her it was hidden next to the caretaker’s cottage, but she hadn’t believed him.

Well, who would? Michael was just a young research Fellow, jealous of the Doctor and his seemingly endless knowledge–not to mention his popularity with the student body. With computer registration, the Doctor’s classes were always full within minutes.

She lugged a heavy backpack jammed with tools that might be necessary to open the time machine’s door.  She tried the electronic screwdriver she stole from the Doctor’s desk, but the door didn’t budge. Duh…it was secured by a padlock. She cut the lock with her bolt-cutters and pulled the door open with nothing but her hand.

Well, damn. It was just that prick Michael’s practical joke! To be certain, she flipped the main power switch inside the “TARDIS” and watched the street lights turn off throughout the park.


 150 words

If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who, you may not have seen a TARDIS, which is actually a time machine disguised as a phone booth. You can check out the current episodes here.


How to Deal with a Dalek

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This week’s photo prompt is from fellow writer Kent Bonham. Thank you, Kent! One of the drawings on the right page of the book reminded me of an upside-down Dalek, the alien-machine creature that has been intriguing viewers of BBC’s Dr.Who television series for decades. If you are not a Whovian, all you need to know is that the Daleks chased Dr.Who through time and space while screaming “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Perhaps the illustration in the photo is an early blueprint for the monstrosity. Or perhaps it’s just a sweet children’s book….

dalek kent bonham

How to Deal with a Dalek

by Jan Brown

“Self-destruct in two minutes,” the mechanical voice shrieked.

“Clara!” pleaded the Doctor, clearly panicked. “If the Dalek explodes, it’ll take us along for the ride. Boom!”

“Hand me the sonic screwdriver, and we’ll be rid of it in a few seconds. Thank God this is the last one.” The cyborg’s back panel creaked open.  “It’s an old one. But stubborn.”

“What exactly are you doing?” asked the Doctor.

“I’m switching firmware for its core functions. The new code will cut power to the Dalek’s brain before it can self-destruct.”

As she closed the panel, they watched the last Dalek die.



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