Nostalgia for Death

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a “book spine” poem. We are asked to write down the titles of books in our bookcases and use them to construct a poem, interspersing a few words of our own. I used titles of both poetry and fiction.

these are not sweet girls

we gather, writing poems, protest and a dream

simple verses

in Neruda’s garden

with only the light from a nearby window

weaving nostalgia for death and

carving the hieroglyphs of desire

inventing a world

of poet and politician

warring with broken spears


we dream of owls and other fantasies

of finding the prophet

the invisible presence

a healer

a phantom that saves

still life

a ghost shadow

occupying the house I loved


watching the dark

the chaperone protects us

against our wicked appetite

the English girl thought she saw the devil riding

a wolf in the shadows

demons running through broken promise land

but I secretly hoped it was

my guardian angel


has my time expired?

in the house of blues

where echoes live

I hear a steel guitar

I always wanted a jazz funeral

now I stare at the shape of dread

and see nature’s end

God calling

fade to black