Almanac Poem

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to complete an “almanac” questionnaire about your favorite place, then use some of your answers to create a poem. The questionnaire includes such things as weather, customs, flora and fauna, what you see walking down the street, what you hear at the border, etc.


my father called it

the air-conditioned city

with its fine ocean breezes

and bone-chilling fog

you can call it

San Francisco or the City

but never, never call it Frisco!


walking  to Chinatown

breathless, climbing

always climbing

at the top of each hill

a different view of the City


rest with the sea lions

out on the docks

sunning themselves

slacking off

and lazing about

me, too


amongst the beauty

of parks and palaces

homeless encampments

life in a tent

scrap of a letter

he wrote to his family

but never sent

death on the street

beanbag rounds and

bullet casings

justice delayed

justice denied


does Rodin’s Thinker

contemplate these things

as he sits on his pedestal

sad and serious

unaffected by

his lack of clothing

or shelter


at the ocean’s border

the crush of waves

the cry of gulls

the fog-bearing wind

the rhythm of wheels

meeting the steel bridge

singing their high-pitched goodbye

rhythm of a heart

that beats for the city


 bridge skyline crop2