Time And Relative Dimensions In Space


This story is inspired by the prompt, “What Pegman Saw.”  Each week, Karen Rawson provides a location-based prompt from Google Maps™. The goal is to keep your story to 150 words or less. Prompts are posted on Pegman’s Blog Fridays at midnight CST.

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Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

by Jan Brown

There it was: the TARDIS! Michael had told her it was hidden next to the caretaker’s cottage, but she hadn’t believed him.

Well, who would? Michael was just a young research Fellow, jealous of the Doctor and his seemingly endless knowledge–not to mention his popularity with the student body. With computer registration, the Doctor’s classes were always full within minutes.

She lugged a heavy backpack jammed with tools that might be necessary to open the time machine’s door.  She tried the electronic screwdriver she stole from the Doctor’s desk, but the door didn’t budge. Duh…it was secured by a padlock. She cut the lock with her bolt-cutters and pulled the door open with nothing but her hand.

Well, damn. It was just that prick Michael’s practical joke! To be certain, she flipped the main power switch inside the “TARDIS” and watched the street lights turn off throughout the park.


 150 words

If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who, you may not have seen a TARDIS, which is actually a time machine disguised as a phone booth. You can check out the current episodes here.

15 thoughts on “Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

    • Thank you! I started watching Doctor Who about 35 years ago (yikes I am old). My best friend introduced me to it, and it became a Saturday night tradition of sorts. The crazy characters and preposterous plots remind me a little of opera (not to be confused with the genre of “space opera,” which weirdly has nothing to do with music but is just a soap opera set in space) 😆😆😆

  1. Live the Who references throughout and the nods to the current series where the Doc is masquerading as a tutor! Wouldn’t we all love to ride along with him, even if just for a short while? Great story, Jan

  2. A good little chuckle at that one. and sometimes a call booth is just a call booth, eh. Sorry, don’t know much about Dr. Who and this thing called ‘Tardis’.

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