Still Free

Welcome to  Friday Fictioneers! We are an international community of writers who post 100-word stories each week, based on a photo prompt provided by our lovely leader, author Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  She is re-running some of the favorite photo prompts this summer while she complies with her publisher’s pesky request to complete her third novel.

This was originally posted in September, 2013, based on the photo by Jan Wayne Fields. Thank you, Jan!

statue of liberty jan wayne fields

Photo Copyright: Jan Wayne Fields


by Jan Brown

I’ve lived in New York all my life, but never visited the Statue of Liberty until today. I ventured out with a small group from our women’s shelter.

What impressed me most was the broken shackle and chain at her feet. She was free. She was me. Releasing the old, embracing the new.

My jerk of an ex-husband was waiting when the ferry returned. He pulled out a gun, but I walked right up to him and grabbed it. The force of the gunshot blew me back onto the ground, and he slumped on top of me.

I was free.


Photo Credit: National Park Service

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27 thoughts on “Still Free

  1. Wonderful, Jan. What a dramatic ending. I didn’t see that coming. I love how your weaved the description of the statue into your story and into your character’s motivation here. Nice work!

  2. I believe I remember this from the first time. Still as powerful and symbolic as ever. Lady Liberty gave her courage and granted her freedom, Well done.

  3. What a dramatic and unexpected finish! I was lulled by her contemplation of the symbolism of the broken chain and her own freedom – but she really made sure of it at the end. Great.

  4. Man! Things sure have gotten tougher in New York …

    Seriously, though, I loved it. Great metaphor with Lady Liberty and the surprise element of the gun. Gave it the “wow factor.”

    Splendiferous! Five out of five Emma Lazaruses.

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