Music Therapy

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Photo Copyright: John Nixon

Music Therapy

by Jan Brown

Lizzie stared at the old player piano. It was rigged as a joke, to look like a clown was stuffed inside. But it wasn’t making anyone smile.

So Lizzie dissembled the clown, then reached inside the piano and deactivated the player roll. She sat down and began to play her songs.

People gathered round. Broken people, people whose psychoses were so overwhelming that all they could do was scream or moan. Now they were quiet. Listening.

Lizzie began to sing. Her throaty voice carried through the halls, carrying with it her damage and, most of all, her hope.

People smiled.



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33 thoughts on “Music Therapy

    • Thank you for the compliment! The mental hospital in which this takes place is pure fiction, and fortunately not based on experience. But as a musician, I can attest to the calming and uplifting power of music, and to the power of a singer to silence the crowd 🙂

      I hope to write a longer story based on Lizzie’s character, but I seem to be procrastinating….

  1. Lovely story, bringing hope and smiles to those people. I don’t think a mental hospital was the best place for this visual “joke” (or indeed for a clown!) 🙂

  2. Dear Jan,

    Having seen the inside of the mental hospital from the patient’s POV, I can attest that the two most healing things are music and warm fuzzy animals. Well played.



  3. Lovely! I do hope you get to write a longer Lizzie story. Her character is very compelling – even in this short piece. And I agree – writing about (and playing, listening to) music, is food for the soul. Wholeheartedly agree.

  4. I love where you took the prompt. Music is a miraculous thing. I can’t produce it at all, but I love to listen and I love how you’ve shown its power to heal and to soothe.

    • Thank you! I love to sing, and I love the effect that it has on an audience. Also love the effect that music has on me.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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