Love, Accompanied

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This week’s photo is courtesy of C. E. Ayr. Thank you, C. E., for a fascinating photo! It prompted me to imagine a concert hall in a vibrant city on the water, where amazing concerts are given every night by the world’s most talented performers. My story explores what happens when two of those performers fall in love.

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concert hall ceayr

Photo copyright: C.E. Ayr


Love, Accompanied

by Jan Brown

It happened the first time she heard him play. 

That’s how musicians fall in love. They listen. Not to the frailty and false promise of words, but to the heartfelt passion of music that cannot be feigned.

He became her accompanist, a move that boosted both their careers. The sizzling electricity that passed between them was exhilarating! 

They never acted on the sexual tension, not wanting to risk their partnership. But now, in the autumn of her singing career, she could not imagine being apart. She looked at the pair of gold bands in the jeweler’s box, and hoped he would feel the same.


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21 thoughts on “Love, Accompanied

  1. That’s packed with yummy ideas. It was also poignant of course, but I homed in on the ideas like a seagull on a tourist’s packet of chips. And I’d really like to see you write something about how you might dissemble with music

  2. Oh this ROCKS! Love it, Jan! There is that tension between players that happens like no other. I love that line, “the heartfelt passion of music that cannot be feigned.” Brilliant!
    Five out of five clefs. 🙂

  3. Dear Jan,

    I love the way music brought them together. So beautifully written. I also like the implication that this is a strong woman going after what she wants. Delightful. (very much like a character in my next book 😉 )



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