NaPoWriMo Day 15: This is a haibun, a story or travel diary that includes haiku. It was inspired by a prompt posted on NaHaiWriMo’s Facebook Page. The prompt is “waterfall.”

Decades ago, when we were young and healthy, our little group of work friends often got together on weekends to wreak havoc. This is about one of those weekends. This is non-fiction; only the names have been changed to protect privacy.


whitewater raft trip
keeling over waterfalls
with graceless glee

One summer my crazy friends and I faced-off against the thrilling whitewater of the Peshtigo River.  The rapids were way beyond our skill level, but we ignored that little detail in planning the trip.

Dawn got pinned under her raft, flailing and cursing while her partner freed her. Then Liz broke her nose on a rock when her raft flipped at the bottom of a waterfall. I think the proper term is “ledge,” but it was very steep and the water was falling fast and forcefully. So…waterfall.

We dragged Liz to the local hospital, where they’re apparently accustomed to seeing wet, bloody tourists in swimsuit tops and jeans. Unfortunately, the power went out just as they zapped an x-ray of her face!

Shelly’s only “injury” was a curious orange skin tone, courtesy of a new suntan formulation. (Donald Trump may be using the same brand.)

That was our last rafting trip. The following summer, due to “schedule conflicts” and not-so-well-disguised cowardice, our plans fizzled. Probably for the best.



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