Cupid Failed


Romantic love is a mental illness.

–          Fran Liebowitz


Miley Cyrus twerks to express her ecstasy

or more likely to seek attention

She grinds on Robin Thicke to simulate the sexual abandon

that she would like to experience in real life

So would I

Am I less loved because I am too fat?

Too ugly?

Too poor?

Yes, yes and yes.

Is Kim Kardashian more loved because she is so shapely?

So attractive?

So rich?

Yes, yes, and oh, who cares, she is only loved by a raving lunatic.

Cupid, you have been derelict in your duty

Your arrow has not hit the mark

Have you not been keeping up with your lessons

at the shooting range? WTF???

It’s so easy to get laid, but what’s the point?

Where’s the love in that?

When will “Love, Actually” be a film of our own lives?

When will I walk into that Wisconsin dive bar

and fall, happy drunk, for the first British guy there?

Why is that even an option?

In this age,

At this age,

what is the question: Is it love vs. sex?

Or life vs. death?

Is it Viagra that we need?

Or Xanax?

Or maybe some as-yet-to-be invented pill

that keeps us from forgetting where we put our keys

or where we put our Viagra?

When I dream

I no longer see the vivid love-making of youth

I see an explosion of beauty

or an explosion of fear

that has nothing to do with the physical

that has only to do with the spiritual

Cupid is asleep

and I don’t mind

I only hope the arrow that strikes me now

will strike quickly

and will show me all the beauty

that I missed

while pursuing the shallow end

of life


Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem containing a line that we are afraid to write. I decided to write a New York School poem, which it turns out contains a number of lines that I have been afraid to write. I hope that some of it resonates with you.






2 thoughts on “Cupid Failed

  1. Many people think about but don’t talk about these things, almost as if afraid that saying it out loud or putting it in black and white makes it more true, more real. Good on you for speaking your mind.

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