It’s day eight of National Poetry Month. Today, I’m switching things up and selecting a prompt from the Facebook page of NaHaiWriMo, an international haiku-writing community. The theme of the day is “abandoned.”

mourning dove flies south
for her vacation
her mate left to guard the nest

I’ve written about mourning doves in this blog before. As far as I can tell, the male mourning dove has all of the traits I would want in a mate. He courts with vigor, is monogamous, brave, strong, willing to share domestic duties and–this is very important to me–sings often to his mate.


2 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. I did not know that about the male doves. We have quite a few around our feeders. My husband calls them rain crows because he says they always call more the day before rain.

    • The males let the females choose the nest site, and sometimes will have to push other couples away, to secure the site for her. When it’s time to migrate south, he may choose to remain to make sure he can give her the same site next spring. But in staying behind, he risks starvation and frostbite, to which he may lose some toes. So…if you feed them, be sure to continue feeding in the winter.

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