Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to write a tritina, which is a mini version of a sestina. A tritina has three stanzas of three lines each, plus a final single-line stanza. The final word of each line in the first stanza is repeated in the second and third stanzas in a pattern: ABC, CAB, BCA.  All three “end words” are used in the final line of the poem. There is no requirement (thankfully) for rhyme or meter.

I decided to tell a story with my tritina. It is a sad story, so I won’t say I hope you enjoy it. But if it tugs at your heart, makes you sad or just makes you think, then I have done my job.


The cliff falls to the beach with a fearless drop

Each age of the millennia carved into its timeless face

Smooth white sand glistens quietly  in the sun 


He searches the entire stretch of beach for his son

I watch his daughter, her ice cream cone drops

The messy remains smeared on her face


His child missing? The idea seems absurd on its face

But he soon finds the small, limp body and frantically he drops

To his knees, pumps the boy’s chest, but cannot revive his son


His face drops, then crumples in tears as he kisses his son’s cool cheek



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