One True Love

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to write about the food we love most. Enjoy!


I was happy when all I knew was Red Delicious

Was there really any other?

Back then, the firm, crimson crunch was all I knew

Until I met a Golden

He was smooth like 24 karat

Rich and robust

All I wanted or could ever want

Until I had a McIntosh

He was tarted out

With creamy white flesh

That was juicier than juice

But I quickly bored of shallow beauty

And moved on to Royal Gala

He was the master of my soul

Or at least my taste buds

Succulent, satisfying

Shortly I became aware of Fuji

He was far more fashionable

And mellow

Almost zen

But soon I needed to party

With a Pink Lady

A departure for me, to be sure

But one must experiment

And thenย I met my soulmate


Nectar dripping from my mouth

With every playful bite

Tantric, skin-on enjoyment

At last, love



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