Lunar Cycle

April is National Poetry Writing Month (also known as NaPoWriMo). I will be participating by writing 30 poems in 30 days. Daily prompts are provided by, a website run by poet and professor Maureen Thorson. Many thanks, Maureen, for all your hard work!

Today’s challenge is to write a lune, a poetry form originally invented by Robert Kelly, an American poet and currently the poet laureate of Duchess County, New York. Its only requirement is the number of syllables in each three line stanza: 5/3/5. 

Because of the longer first and third lines, the right edge of the stanza sometimes has the shape of a crescent moon. Thus, Kelly called the form “lune.” To honor the name, this lune is about the moon…and things that take place beneath it.


Lunar Cycle

by Jan Brown

as we pierce the night
the moon weeps
and we intertwine

our raucous loving
slices through
the cool evening air

our spent energy, like
incense smoke,
permeates the night

soft raindrops patter
the moon smiles
as blissful we sleep



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