Kip and Dredge: How to Go on a Job Interview

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, where you never know what to expect! This week’s photo prompt was provided by Marie Gail Stratford.  Thank you, Marie!

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This “Kip and Dredge” story is a little different, in that Dredge does not appear.  I’m afraid he got lost in editing it down to 100 words. However, Tanya makes a brief appearance, her first since 2012. She’s the girlfriend of Junior, who’s a friend of Kip and Dredge and knows Kip’s dad. Tanya and Junior were the focus of Modern Art (as curated by Kip and Dredge), which is my only “Kip and Dredge” story that wasn’t written for Friday Fictioneers. I think that means I should be writing more. Hmmm.

I hope you enjoy the job interview!

Marie Gail Stratford

Photo Copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

Kip and Dredge: How to Go on a Job Interview

by Jan Brown


“Kip, I got you this interview ONLY as a favor to your dad. So do NOT screw this up.”

“Shut up, Tanya.”

“No, YOU shut up! Here comes the HR manager. Remember to shake her hand.”

“Mr. Kipinger? I’m Ms. Dixon. Let’s go into my office.”

Kip held out his hand as she turned around. Tanya sighed loudly.

“Tell me about your work experience.”

“Well, I did community service work on a ranch, picked up litter in the park, and cleaned up grafitti.”

“Any PAID work experience?”

“Not unless you count dumpster diving. Or selling weed.”

Ms. Dixon sighed loudly.

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33 thoughts on “Kip and Dredge: How to Go on a Job Interview

  1. Written by a former HR person. Did you do a lot of loud sighing? Odd to hear Kip called “Mr. Kipinger.”


    • Yes, I finally figured out how he got his nickname. As to the sighing, I tried to hold back until I recapped the interview for my colleagues at lunch–or after work at the bar 😀

      I notice there’s no emoji for sighing…

  2. I was an HR Manager too – I’ve heard a lot of responses like this. “What attracted you to apply for this job?” “Nothing, my Dad said I had to.” You must have a well of stories too, Jan. Good job.

  3. Kip reminds me of some of the people we’ve interviewed here. We asked a guy once, “How would you handle a conflict with another Team member?” He replied, “I guess we’d have to go outside and have a smack-down.”

  4. Love this, Jan! I want to be a ‘Kip’ sometimes and do and say his stuff. Maybe I did it already. Just remembered at this interview when they asked me what do I have to offer them. I turned around and asked them the same thing. I didn’t get the job, of course. 🙂


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