How to Park a Car

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! This is my second in a series of “How To…” titled stories. Of course, they have nothing to do with how to perform the named activity. Rather, the titles are ironic in that the activity appears to fail in epic fashion. Hope you enjoy this week’s story ๐Ÿ™‚

The intriguing photo prompt is provided by Al Forbes.ย Thank you, Al!

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antique car al forbes

Photo Copyright: Al Forbes

How to Park a Car

by Jan Brown

A cryptic reminder popped onto the screen of Emma’s phone. It read simply, “Parking Level B.”

Emma descended a flight of stairs and knelt next to Henry’s car. She removed a drainage grate from the cement floor–a perfect place to shove the body.

In thirty years of marriage, he’d never been on time for anything. But lately Henry kept perfect time. He left the office promptly at 5:00 every weekday. Had to make sure the blue pill took effect before his very-much-younger mistress arrived at their love nest.

Henry won’t be keeping that appointment today. Or any other day.


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32 thoughts on “How to Park a Car

  1. This made me laugh so much (and the comments) that I hardly know what to write. Epic fail indeed. I hope the hiding of the body turns out better than the cheating. What a fun story.

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