Happy Ending?

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! My story is a little different this week. No one gets assaulted or killed. No one commits suicide. No one is buried in the back yard under the magnolias. Hmmm…something must be wrong with me! Maybe next week I’ll be back on track 😉

Here is the photo prompt from our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in Friday Fictioneers, please visit her website for more information.

kitchen window rochelle

Photo Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Happy Ending?

by Jan Brown

Sarah knew it would be hard to leave her home of twenty years. She had been awarded the house in the divorce, and she considered herself lucky–at first.  But her heart was broken. She thought they’d write the story of their romance there. A story to last a lifetime. 

Now she saw their lives from a more realistic perspective. The nights alone wondering if he was really “working late.” The anger, the shouting. The questions from their kids. The broken dreams.

Her heart raced as the moving truck arrived. A tentative smile crept across her face. She was ready for the next chapter.


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31 thoughts on “Happy Ending?

  1. I like that you don’t make her feeling joyful. That would be unbelievable. Rather, you delicately communicate that she is ready to move on and make a nice life for herself.

  2. People have dreams and hold to them as long as possible, even amidst all the shouting. I’m rooting for her. She deserves happiness. I hope things look up for her. Great story, Jan.

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