The Day We Decided to Adopt

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers!  We are a community of writers from around the world who post 100-word stories every week, based on a photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. This week’s photo was taken by David Stewart. Thank  you, David!


The Day We Decided to Adopt

by Jan Brown

We were photographing abandoned houses that day. My husband’s campaign for alderman was based on a promise to “clean up” the drug infested areas, and abandoned buildings were magnets for crack and heroin addicts.

A sad little boy came out of a vandalized doorway. He was holding a small box.

In the box was a kitten, tiny and perfect. Even my husband’s vast reserves of political phoniness melted at the sight of its big green eyes and furry little body. “Let’s adopt him,” he said, heading for the car with kitten in tow.

“Me too?” said the sad little boy.


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33 thoughts on “The Day We Decided to Adopt

  1. Very touching in terms of the boy and the kitten (and I am especially a sucker for kittens), but the other thing that struck me was the wife thinking “Even my husband’s vast reserves of political phoniness…” How profoundly sad, to think of your husband that way, or to have your wife think that way about you.

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