Throwback Thursday – Roommates

It’s almost time for Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. This week’s photo is a “rerun” of a prompt from October, 2012. The photo is by Raina Ng.

I am rerunning my story from 2012 as well. I hope it stands the test of time; you be the judge!

Photo Copyright: Raina Ng


by Jan Brown

Walking into Sarah’s kitchen, I experienced simultaneous waves of nostalgia and nausea. In the sixties, five of us lived here. It was large and airy, with a relaxed feel and a perfect location near the university. When we welcomed a sixth roommate, things changed.

We thought Marty was merely a “Type A” personality who would help us get our shit together. But a near-constant rage sizzled just below the surface of his counterfeit charm.  Sarah fell under his spell and stayed with him all these years, enduring the narcissistic behavior and sadistic abuse. Some said death was a blessing. Hers wasn’t. His will be, at the hands of the state.


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32 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Roommates

    • Over the course of my career, I’ve met scores of Type A personalities, many effective but just as many angry or bitter, unable to work in a collaborative team and trying to hold on to an outmoded way of doing business. I think this character was a perverse interpretation of all those egotistical, ill-tempered guys!

  1. When you have more than one roommate there is always a rotten egg in the bunch. Marty sounds beyond rotten. It’s amazing how those types of people can fool us for a while until their true colors come shining through. Sad for Sarah and those who truly loved her.

    • Yes, it’s definitely amazing how their smiling, charming faces and glib patter can fool us at first. Poor Sarah remained fooled for too long.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Russell.

  2. I know how one roommate can throw off the whole balance of the household. I remember those college days of living with lots of people you didn’t know very well. Loved this, Jan! I hope he gets what he deserves, too.

  3. Dear Jan,

    There’s only one cure for narcissism. I’m glad the state’s figured that out. Pity Sarah was a casualty. And to answer your question, your story indeed stands the test of time. 😉 A good read then, a good read now.



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