Kip and Dredge Go to the Beach

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The photo prompt this week is mysterious. Could it be mutant leeches crawling up from the ocean? Or a giant chain? What’s it doing there? Will Kip and Dredge, notorious slackers and mental giants, figure it out in time?

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Photo Copyright: C. Hase

Photo Copyright: C. Hase

Kip and Dredge Go to the Beach

by Jan Brown

Kip and Dredge were participating in their favorite activity, dumpster diving, on an abandoned film set.

“Wow, look at this. Must be a prop from the old ‘King Kong’ movie.”

“This is no prop–it’s solid metal.”

Just then, a huge beast emerged from the ocean. But it wasn’t King Kong. It had a head like a meat cleaver.

“Oh, man, is that Guiron?”

“Yes, I’m Guiron.” The beast spoke English! “Are you the lunch guys?”

“No, man, we don’t have any lunch.”

“You misunderstand.” Guiron brought his cleaver-head down close. “You’re a little scrawny, but could be crunchy appetizers!”

Guiron - Image Source:

Guiron – Image Source:

33 thoughts on “Kip and Dredge Go to the Beach

    • Don’t worry. The boys may not have many talents, but I think they can still outrun the lumbering Guiron. One of the old Japanese horror movies pitted Guiron against a giant turtle. The turtle won 😀

    • Guiron moves rather slowly, and is chained as well, so even the lame-brained Kip and Dredge can probably escape. Anyway, they have to survive so that I can go on writing stories about them 😎

    • Yes, Kip and Dredge will return! Outrunning Guiron just slightly more difficult than evading a slow-shambling zombie. Of course you’re right–Kip and Dredge wouldn’t feel any pain, regardless of the situation😉

  1. Yes, exactly, what Rochelle said. I could imagine cartoons, or web comics with these characters. I see them running and screaming with the monster in the background. Great comedy.

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