Golden Gate – NaPoWriMo Day 28

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem about a bridge. For me, the choice was obvious. I have a love/hate relationship with the Golden Gate bridge. Well, mostly love. But read on….

Photo Copyright: Janet L. Brown

Photo Copyright: Janet L. Brown

I left my heart
in The City
just like the song says
but only part
it is split apart
by the beautiful bridge
its imposing structure
orange, not gold
and no golden gate
still, it is the gateway
to two halves of my soul

it always seems too long
vibrating beneath me
whining against
the texture of my tires
lanes too narrow
always nervous
always wondering
if I’ll make it across
without incident

then I am on the other side
and northern California
opens up to me
I sit for hours
in Sausalito
gazing across the bay
and watching seagulls
feast on human food
I bask in the shade
of Muir Woods
I don’t feel so old
amongst the ancient trees

it’s a white knuckle drive
back across the bridge
my reward, the skyline
The City sparkles
lit up in evening dress
inviting me to dinner
(I accept)

finally, to bed, to dream
of waking Rodin’s Thinker
to ask what he is thinking about
of basking in the sun
like lazy seals on the pier
of seeing a different
view of The City
from every hilltop
of driving over my beautiful bridge
that whines when I leave

Photo Copyright: Janet L. Brown

Photo Copyright: Janet L. Brown


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