Jack of Hearts – NaPoWriMo Day 23

This NaPoWriMo challenge asks us to pull a card at random from a deck, free-write about the card for five minutes, then create a poem from that.


you are a knave

a valet to the brave knight

requiring no bravery of your own

a handsome profile

an empty crown

a servant in aristocratic dress

a contradiction

someone, ironically, without a heart

but who collects others’


do you take

the shards of each broken heart

and sharpen your sword with them

preparing for the next victim

how does a heart heal

after an encounter with you


deal me instead

the ten of hearts

ten juicy red hearts

no fancy dress

what you see

is what you get

no facade

no attitude

no lies

no airs

no regrets


yes, deal me instead

the ten of hearts

and I will win the game


4 thoughts on “Jack of Hearts – NaPoWriMo Day 23

  1. I’ve been reading the posts, even though I haven’t been commenting much. Brava for keeping up with the challenges!


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