Until One Day

This week I returned to the dark side….

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Photo Copyright: Roger Bultot

Photo Copyright: Roger Bultot

Until One Day

by Jan Brown

It took forever. Forever to find the little apartment. The only one she could afford. Days of staying in flophouses and later in her car. Terrified someone would report her to DCFS. Terrified she would lose her children.

So she didn’t complain about the smell–something akin to dry cleaning fumes. She opened the windows and let in the sunlight. They played outside. They smiled and laughed. By nightfall the apartment was full of fresh air and love. They slept well and rose early every day.

Until one day they were overcome by fumes….when the meth lab exploded and burned.



33 thoughts on “Until One Day

  1. This story is just like real life…sometimes you think you have a good thing, only to find out, it isn’t good at all! I doubt she lived to find out the real truth though.

  2. Sad. I have heard unwitting families caught up with homes that were used as a meth lab. The narrative brings out the desperation of the mother trying to make a home.

  3. Dear Jan,

    I work at a store in Independence, MO, once known as the Meth Capitol of the world. I saw where this was going and it made both saddened and infuriated me. Well done.



  4. Such a sad ending, when all this unfortunate, impoverished woman wanted was somewhere nice to bring up her children. Life can be so unfair to those in need. Very well written, Jan, with some excellent imagery.

  5. Och. Always happens to those trying to get their life together. So not fair! I was so hoping this was the new beginning for her and her children… 😦

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