NaPoWriMo – More Catching Up to Do!!!

The NaPoWriMo challenge for April 14th was to write a riddle poem. I’m not sure this is much of a riddle, especially since the answer is in the last stanza—I hope that’s not against the “rules.” Whether or not this addresses the NaPoWriMo challenge, it is something I needed to say. So that, as they say, is that!


I’m a sharp pain

as from a hunting knife

serrated with a hook on top

to grab you

and bring you close

for the final kill


I’m a dull pain

as from a heavy anvil

planted firmly upon your leg

I will weigh you down

while you try to breathe

and stay still


I’m a throbbing pain

as from a pendulum too close

each time your heart beats

you feel me

you know me intimately

you wish you didn’t


I’m your poor, pathetic pain

the pain they ask you to categorize

on a scale of one to ten

the pain they they think

is either dull or sharp, throbbing or still

but not all at once

they pain you know

and they never will



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