O’Reilly – NaPoWriMo Day 12

Abstract alphabet

A couple days ago, when I was busy writing haiku and thinking about my taxes, the NaPoWriMo challenge was to write an abecedarian poem. Today I am answering that challenge. Is it also a prose poem? Possibly! Hope you enjoy it!


by Jan Brown

As I pause the news to plop some
butter on my frozen diet meal, I wonder:
can Fox really be called “News”?
Does anyone watch this shit sober? Bill makes it seem so
effortless to be a
flaming asshole. He just doesn’t
get it.
How did he grow so bitter?
I wish he could acknowledge that
just because a family is poor, they’re not the enemy. He must
know that democracy will not fail if we
let people have basic human rights. And he
must know that liberty is for all,
not just the rich.
Oh, Bill, you cantankerous
Quick, hand me a Zoloft so I can watch the
rest of this moral quagmire they call a
show.  I think I just agreed with him on a
talking point. I must be hallucinating.
Usually, at this point in the “show,” I am
very worried about his health.
What did they replace his heart with, to turn him into a
xenophobic blockhead?
Yes, they fucked with his brain as well. As to mine…where’s the damn


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