Aubade – NaPoWriMo Day 6

Vision of Time by

Vision of Time by rolffimages –

Aubade to the Sandman and/or Jon Stewart

by Jan Brown


sun rays spill past the edges

of the window shade

was it really three hours?

the sandman was more vigilant

than usual

or his frenemy, St. Insomnia,

was less


in a fog of sleep deprivation

and searing pain

I cannot honestly say

“Good morning”

so I take my pills and wonder

could I find another three hours

with the right combination

of medicine

and a fluffy pillow



then perhaps I will lay quietly

and watch last night’s TV on my phone

Jon Stewart entertained the rest of the planet

while I tried to darken my world and sleep

presumably, he was more successful

at his task than I

now, perhaps, he can cheer me up

and help me face the humorless day


Playing catch-up: will need to post two poems today. (Oh, the horror!)

The NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 6 was to write an aubade–a morning poem. Usually, an aubade involves bidding farewell to a lover with whom one has spent the prior evening. However, the prompt asks us to focus on the start of the new day, with or without “lovey-dovey” stuff.  I chose without, obviously.



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