Female Disciples?

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

Noli mi Tangere, by Titian c. 1512 (Wikimedia, public domain)

Noli mi Tangere, by Titian c. 1512 (Wikimedia, public domain)

Let’s talk about the women who traveled with Jesus in His ministry.

Mary Magdalene was present at the crucifixion and burial of Christ, and at the discovery of the empty tomb three days later. She was the first to see and speak with the risen Christ.

I’ve heard it said that she was a prostitute, and popular movies such as The Last Temptation of Christ (which I otherwise loved–including the controversial dream sequence) portrayed her in this way.


Mary Magdalene was one of several very important women in Jesus’ ministry.  She met him because she was ill and in need of healing.

According to Luke 8:1-3, Mary Magdalene, along with Joanna, Susanna, and “many other” women who had been healed, accompanied Jesus and the twelve disciples from town to town, supporting the group financially “out of their own means.” Mary hailed from Magdala, a vibrant seaport at the time, and may have come from a well-to-do merchant family.

So, let the rumors be put to rest, and let us continue to think about the importance of these brave women to the ministry of Christ.

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