Star Trek Redux

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Many thanks to Rachel Bjerke for this week’s photo.

Photo Copyright: Rachel Bjerke

Photo Copyright: Rachel Bjerke

Star Trek Redux

by Jan Brown

“Why are the days so long?” Jenna wondered aloud. She did not expect an answer. There was no one there.

She had freed the green Orion slave girls, only to be repaid with this—this mossy mess she once called home. She looked down at her limbs, covered, like the trees, with green slime.

If there were any justice, the newly liberated ladies of Orion would return and save Jenna from her soggy fate.

“Before I mildew!” she hollered to nobody.

But they had been corrupted by their beauty, by their hypnotic power over that pathetic human male, Captain Kirk.


Author’s Note: The stories of Star Trek are peppered with references to green Orion slave girls. “Orion” is a rather vague description of the girls’ origin. It’s a constellation, not a planet. Perhaps the girls hail from multiple planets that orbit round Orion’s many stars.

Extra Nerdy Author’s Note: The beautiful ladies of Orion are not actually slaves; that’s a ruse. My protagonist in this story fell for it, and freed them. At least, Jenna thought she freed them. I doubt they were very pleased.

The “slave girls” emit powerful pheromones to manipulate the will of the “masters” to whom they are sold. In this way, they further the goals of the Orion trade syndicate, as well as their own greed. It’s what men have feared about women since recorded history began. Surely we must all be sirens and succubae, using feminine wiles to subjugate our men. Yeah, sure 🙂

Thanks to screenwriter Roberto Orci, the green Orion Starfleet Cadet of the 2009 Star Trek movie was not the evil manipulator of previous Trek history.  However, according to her roommate, she did bring too many men back to the dorm room late at night, including a very young Cadet Kirk. No surprise there!!!


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