Jamie’s Dilemma

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This week’s photo is by fellow writer Adam Ickes.

Photo Copyright: Adam Ickes

Photo Copyright: Adam Ickes


Jamie’s Dilemma

by Jan Brown

Jamie sighed deeply and nudged Skylar awake.

Standing upright in the narrow space of the storeroom, Jamie adjusted her miniskirt and wondered how long the red marks on her thighs would be noticeable.

For some reason, a creepy ram’s head was stored in the corner. It had one eye that seemed to follow Jamie’s every move. She bent down and discovered a tiny camera in the eye socket.

Was it transmitting to the Security Department or, worse yet, to Jamie’s husband?

Skylar said, “I see you noticed my camera! I’ve been compiling a video to surprise you on your birthday.”

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31 thoughts on “Jamie’s Dilemma

  1. Hah – that’s a first Jan – a vote on an FF piece – great fun. And quiet a dilemma. I’ve voted but of course I’d need more information on the husband…

  2. I believe I’m slightly confused…Who’s married? Is Skylar a guy or both are women? Good story, love that we get to choose what Jamie does..

    • Jamie’s the married one. I edited the story to include Jamie’s name in several places, rather than the pronoun “she.”

      I tried a gender-neutral name (Skylar) for Jamie’s lover, to let the reader imagine Skylar as either a man or a woman 🙂

      • Haha ok! Wow, Good one 🙂 and excellent choices for a very reader friendly experience. Yeah, my choice was the slap too 😉

  3. Dear Jan,

    Is Skylar a guy? It’s one of those names. I’ve known a male by that name and a girl. It was a little confusing. I still voted to slap him/her upside the head. At any rate, I wouldn’t be too pleased about the birthday present.



    • Thanks for the comment. I edited the story to indicate it’s Jamie standing up to get dressed.

      I bet Jamie wishes the damn ram was in the pawn shop–or anywhere but the storeroom 🙂

  4. May I vote for 2 AND 3? My first impulse is to slap Skylar. But, stress over the camera would probably drive me back to my husband and out of my cheating ways OR to divorce before any more sex outside of marriage. And, hopefully, to a man who would provide a better setting!

  5. Great story and genius idea to put in a poll 🙂 You should write a follow-up based on the outcome, like those books where you choose what happens next.

  6. Jan, Well written and a creative idea to have a vote. Actually, I can see why readers would want to vote for both 1 and 2. I feel sorry for Jamie’s husband unless he’s doing something similar. I don’t think either of them is a catch since they both agreed to have sex in a company storeroom. I’d take that tape, run it through a paper shredder several times, and flush it down the nearest commode. Good story. 🙂 —Susan

  7. Great story and great “vote” box. I couldn’t decide between Slap Skylar upside the head for making a sex tape. and Stop being an idiot and start being faithful to her husband.

    I’m from Florida so I just left a hanging chad. Randy

  8. Sex in the storeroom, of course. This is quite saucy, Jan. Since my son’s name is Skyler (spelled with a “e”) I immediately thought that Skyler was a child. Ha ha. I had to read it again after the poll. I’m going with being surprised by the tape option. Will the husband, in fact, see the tape? Juicy story this week, Jan.

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