Summer Lovin’

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! We are a community of writers from around the world who post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. Please visit her lovely blog for more information…and join us if you wish!

Our fearless leader is taking a vacation, but she is re-running a photo prompt from August of 2012, and I am resurrecting the little love story I wrote in response to it. The theme of love and first kisses is particularly relevant today because it is my sister’s 20th wedding anniversary!

They began dating when they were both divorced and in their forties, so their first kiss was not an actual “first” kiss. But I think it must have been pretty great, because my sister called me late at night after their first date, to tell me 1) what a nice guy he was, 2) what a nice time they had and 3) he’s a great kisser!!!

So here is my little love story, in honor of Rita and Steve ♥♥♥


Photo Copyright: Laura Helms

Old Tree, Young Love

by Jan Brown

They sat in the crotch of the tree, facing each other, legs open, hers on top of his. Their feet dangled freely, her left shoe slowly slipping, threatening to succumb to the force of gravity. She was more concerned about the force of desire. Hers and his. Equally strong.  As a thoroughly modern girl, she acknowledged her sexual nature. But still technically a child, she didn’t quite know what to do about it. She hoped her boyfriend would have a clue, but if he didn’t kiss her soon she might scream in frustration. Then, suddenly, ahhhh….


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37 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Dear Dawn (and Rita and Steve happy 20th Anniversary), What a grand story of first, young love. There is nothing more passionate than a first kiss with the someone you are going to marry. I just can’t say enough about how much I like this – you are a great sister and sister-in-law. Lucky family! Nan 🙂

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