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Photo Copyright: Mary Shipman


by Jan Brown

When the levees broke, I was living in the lower 9th ward. The raging water pushed a river barge right through our street, smashing houses and cars like a water-borne Godzilla.

Nine years later, only three houses on our block are still standing; two of them are owner-occupied. Most residents never came back, but Millie and I did. We’re still waiting for our husbands to join us. Come the evening, we pace the floors and weep.

The third house is inhabited occasionally by druggies, but they never stay for more than a night. They seem to be frightened of ghosts.


Source: Wikimedia CC BY SA 3.0


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33 thoughts on “Owner-occupied

  1. Good story Jan! You did your research – or were you there when it happened? Very thought provoking. Enjoyable and I wonder are there really ghosts down there? I know someone that lives in the Garden District. Gonna ask them. Great job! Nan 🙂

    • Yes, I did some research–also followed the story(ies) as history unfolded. I’ve never lived there, but was so intrigued when I visited. Staying in the French Quarter, it seemed like there was jazz emanating from every door that I passed while walking down the street. That’s my idea of heaven! So, if there are indeed spirits roaming about, I would not be surprised….

  2. Jan, Good story. I read it, then it came to me what was happening. Good title.. I read a piece about the problems the poor people stuck in a stadium there had in getting aid. It was a real mess. Well written and great twist. 🙂 —Susan

    • Thank you, Susan! You’re correct about the experience of the many residents who were unable to evacuate in time. It was horrific. The recovery is still not complete.

    • Actually, they’re just ghosts…so I guess they “left” their husbands when they drowned in the waters of Katrina. (They’re waiting for their husbands to join them in the afterlife.)

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