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This week’s photo is by Jennifer Pendergast. Thank you, Jen!



by Jan Brown

Church attendance skyrocketed when the aliens settled on earth. They loved the choirs! They couldn’t sing, of course. They had no vocal chords.

On their own planet, they communicated telepathically, so there was no need to speak. They could hear through multiple orifices sheathed by sensitive membranes that alerted them to approaching vehicles, bad weather and the soft footsteps of their cuddly domestic pets.

But they had never heard singing. They had never experienced the poetry of opera, the raw emotion of jazz, or the awesome power of gospel music.

They were here to listen.

They were here to stay.


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60 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Dear Jan,

    As long as they don’t listen to hip hop, they’ll be okay.

    But, seriously, I loved this story. It is sooooooo good, so very well written and imagined. Wow.



  2. Oh, Jan, that was an absolutely perfect evocation of what music could be – to so many and to our Alien friends. I loved your description of them and I welcome them as long as they cuddle me gently.

  3. aloha Jan. you have an intriguing concept that looks to me like it has multiple directions in which to explore. I like the ending which is also open to exploration of course. fun. aloha.

  4. Jan, Lovely story with a happy ending and beautiful music. Aliens that appreciate our culture. I wonder what the’ll share with us in return. It looks like perhaps we’ll benefit as well as give to this group. Advanced friendly aliens usually help us. Well done. 🙂 —Susan.

    • Yes, they probably have so much to share, and plan to do so as long as they view us as their music – loving friends. But there must be other aspects of our culture they find confusing, weird or repellent, to say the least!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

    • Thanks, Weltchy! As to the Eurovision song contest, being in the USA I only saw a couple of the finalists perform, but I thought they were great! And I doubt that the aliens would find a transgender performer (or any performer) unusual, given that they have no preconceived notion of what is “usual.”

  5. Very imaginative. I hope we’re not the “cuddly pets” – I did think the final line was a bit ominous! I’ll be optimistic for once – they’re friendly 🙂

  6. What a wonderfully novel way of looking at things, Jan. And beautifully worded – you’ve reminded me not to take both ears and voice for granted. Thank you

    • Yes, I hesitate to think all aliens would be wicked–even though it makes for some great plot twists 😉 I don’t think they could advance their technology enough to visit us, if they were as selfish and self-centered as we humans are! Technology takes teamwork….

  7. Dear Jan – You are so good at this! I really enjoyed it – too bad the aliens are taking over – I hope they brought their own power source and food. But WELCOME ALIENS! Glad you’re here. Nan 🙂

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