Beyond the Fence

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Photo Copyright: Erin Leary


Beyond the Fence

by Jan Brown

Storms had drenched the fallen leaves now trampled beneath him, the color of wet blood. In his lonely, feverish mind, he heard her running, heaving herself over the old fence, heavy footfalls headed for the river. Was she swift enough to escape?

The answer came quickly, as he heard the dogs howl and his father howl even louder. Thank God, she made it! But with his sister gone, he alone would be left to absorb the impact of their father’s abuse. 

He said a quick prayer for his sister’s new life, and his. He jumped the fence and sprinted away. 


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74 thoughts on “Beyond the Fence

  1. this is true horror. but i’m happy for the hope in the end. i really hope they find each other and be able to build new lives. a very strong story.

  2. Dear Jan,

    This is worthy of the beginning of a novel. Dark and foreboding, with lightning flashes of great writing illuminating the stark landscape through which brother and sister run. Very well done.



  3. Great story, I hope he finds his sister (if she’s still alive – she is described as “gone”) and his father doesn’t manage to track him down in his new life.

  4. I so hope they make it, Jan. You have me invested in them in just these few, beautifully written words taut with tension. This is truly a horror story of the worst kind–one that’s real.


  5. “The answer came quickly, as he heard the dogs howl and his father howl even louder.”
    This was the best part for me. Creates a sense of urgency with the image of howling dogs, and also likens the father to a beast.
    Wonderful story. 🙂

  6. Just loved this powerful story Jan!Was so happy to read that his sister escaped and my heart leaped with joy when he found it in himself to jump that fence too :-)Hopefully the siblings will find each other and live a happy,peaceful life!

  7. Dear Jan, You are really a good writer! This is so good – I feel the brother’s sincere concern for his sister and the resolute foreboding of the coming wrath of the father. Amazing! I hope they both get away! Great story! Super! Nan 🙂

  8. Dear Jan,

    In few words you’ve made me care deeply about these two abused children. I hope once they get away they’ll find someone to tell. Well written as always.



    • Thank you, Rochelle! I always appreciate your feedback. I also want to add my kudos to many others, as the Fictioneers received a well-deserved mention from WordPress. It’s the result of your dedication and leadership, and we all appreciate it so much. Shalom!

  9. Jan, Great story. This placed me there at the scene. What a terrible man to track his daughter with dogs. Now because of his brutality he’s lost both his children and will never know any grandchildren he might have. —Susan

  10. May the wind be at their backs as they escape. Abuse is a very frightening reality for so many, you were able to plant the seed of fear in just a few sentences. Well written !

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