Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! We are a community of writers from around the world who post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. This week’s photo is by Sandra Crook. Thank you, Sandra!

Last week, I explored life, death and something in-between. This week, my subject is a little more ordinary, but still of utmost importance to one particular girl….



by Jan Brown

Whenever Ellie tried to explain her life’s ambition to her high school friends, she met with resistance and resentment. While she appreciated the countryside, she longed to experience more of the world. She applied to New York University, hoping to enjoy both college and the big city over a glorious, exciting four years.

Her boyfriend broke up with her. Her parents weren’t very supportive, either, but she had a scholarship to cover the expense. The day Ellie finally left for school, her route to the airport was blocked by a flock of sheep going the opposite direction. A perfect metaphor.


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48 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. Jan, your story reminds me of being that age, and making that journey to the airport – and eventually coming back with a different view of both the wider and narrower world. There are a lot of sheep round here, both real and metaphorical!

  2. Dear Jan,

    Sounds like Ellie’s one who’ll overcome obstacles and show everyone she’s not one of the herd. Lovely metaphor and well written story as always.



  3. Jan, Good story and a lesson in going after what you want when you know it’s right. I think she would have outgrown that boyfriend in time so it’s better she move on with her life. She can do much better. Her parents will hopefully come around given time. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

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