NaPoWriMo 29 – Fox News and the American Dream

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a poem including the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” developed by Professor Jim Simmerman. You can see the list of twenty criteria here. I found the prompt extremely challenging, but a lot of fun.



Fox News and the American Dream

by Jan Brown


The American dream is a rainbow:

multi-colored, fleeting and visible only under perfect conditions.


The Coulter construct of logic welcomes you

like Satan smiling at recent arrivals in Hades–

a smile most beautiful, cloaked in skinny sensuality

that, when touched, evokes a jagged edge.

But watch…it’s an empty smile, devoid of soul.

It’s empty talk, containing neither logic nor compassion,

like the clanging cymbal of 1 Corinthians 13.


“Jan is just jealous!”

Can you see it in her eyes?

That stagnant-pond-water green….

She obviously longs for skinny sensuality

sustained by a steady diet of drivel.

Ahhhh, sookie sookie now!


“There is more cholera in American than there is racism.”

Really, Ann???

My God, that means there are tens of millions of Americans

suffering from cholera!

Who knew?

Cliven Bundy probably knew….

When I smell cattle manure, I see his face.

Does that mean he is full of bullsh*t?

At his last news conference, his prize bull joined him:

“Cliven, when are you going to let us eat something other than this free range crabgrass?

It tastes like dandelion wine and bitter herbs.”

But it was a black angus,

so Cliven ignored him.


Oh, mon cherie, Fox News!

You have that je ne sais quois, that I don’t know what!

No, I don’t mean you have a mysterious, attractive quality.

I mean I really don’t know what is wrong with you.

Perhaps it’s a nano-virus, spread via digital signal,

that turns your news into mindless twaddle

and your hosts into giant-headed blowhards.


May you always be with me, Fox News,

for you will bring me untold laughter for all time to come.



2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 29 – Fox News and the American Dream

  1. As challenging as this must have been for you to write, I hope you enjoy the finished piece as much as I do. I had fun reading it, and SO wanted chime in more than once. Thank you Jan. ~ Michael

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