NaPoWriMo 22 – Just Can’t Wait for Summer

The NaPoWriMo challenge for April 22nd was to write a children’s poem.

This isn’t a poem written to entertain children, but rather a poem written in a child’s voice. I envision the narrator as a precocious pre-teen experiencing all the goofy angst that comes with that stage of life between childhood and adolescence.

Just Can’t Wait for Summer

by Jan Brown

The grass is finally green again!
I’m so glad that it is
Except for that one corner of the yard
Where Snuffles always takes a whiz

Now that we can play outside
I’m gonna paint my bike hot pink
And throw my math book in the pond
So I can watch it sink

I’ll cut my hair short like Miley’s
And make my mother yell
She’ll swear just like my father
“What the bloody hell!”

I’ll use lemon juice to make it blond(er)
And spike it up with gel
Then cool boys will pay attention
To the things I do so well

Like dance and rap and race my bike
Play games like Guild Wars 2
Jimmy’s avatar is wicked hot
Do you think he likes me too?

If I’m on the computer for very long
Mom says to go play outside
“Play hide ‘n’ seek with your little friends!”
Yeesh! Maybe I’ll just hide….

Mom sits on the deck with her laptop
Maybe I will too
Then she can’t tell me to “go outside”
Cuz I’m already there! Woohoo!

I just can’t wait for summer
No more teachers being mean
I really wish that school was out
Now the grass is finally green


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