NaPoWriMo 21 – 2:08:37

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a  New York School poem. The poets who originated this style of poetry referenced specific NYC events, locales and celebrities in their poetry. Soooo…perhaps my poem should be described as “Boston School” or simply “American School.” You decide.


by Jan Brown

Thirty-six thousand ran today
They ran because…
Because they can
Because others cannot
They ran because two bombers did
Because the world is too screwed up to stay at home

The announcer said, “Take back that finish line!”
And they did
They took it back from Tsarnaev
Who sits, mocking, at the feds’ Devens lockup
Who visits with his family
While the victims: Krystle, Ling, Martin and Sean
Cannot. Ever. See. Family. Again.
While his brother is tormented by Allah for eternity
No “full-breasted maidens” were waiting for Tamerlan in Paradise
The vastness of God’s love cannot be diminished by a bat-crap crazy prick
Can he possibly be forgiven in death for perverting faith in life?

Lee Ann Yanni was one of their victims
Devastated on Boylston street one year ago
With more than 260 others
Bloody damn chaos
April 15, 2013: Tax Day
She paid more than taxes
She paid dues
And then some
For 370 days she limped, walked, ran
Lee Ann, you’re right
You don’t “run pretty” anymore
Damn, girl, you run beautiful!

Meb Keflizighi took back the finish line at 2:08:37
The names of the victims on his bib in memoriam
@runmeb didn’t tweet his official winning time
But America did!
“A healing victory”
“We still get chills”
“That’s freakin’ awesome”
Man, you showed us what faith really looks like
And how fast it runs
You can’t wrap faith inside hate in a backpack with shrapnel
You gotta share it with exuberance and joy
And maybe a fair amount of sweat and tears
Meb wrapped it–and himself–in the flag at the finish line
Like a warm-up jacket for the entire country
God ♥ you, Meb
And so do we!


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